Multiple resources limitation and its impact on resource use efficiency and yield gaps of cereal crops under Mediterranean conditions

Mariano Cossani1, Roxana Savin2, Gustavo A. Slafer2, 3, Victor O. Sadras1

1 SARDI, Waite Building 11a Hartley Grove, Adelaide, SA, 5001,,          

2 Department of Crop and Forest Sciences and AGROTECNIO (Center for Research in Agrotechnology) – University of Lleida, Av. Rovira Roure 191, Lleida, Spain, 25198

3 ICREA, Catalonian Institution for Research and Advanced Studies, Spain


Resource limitation, chiefly water and nitrogen, is common for farming systems in Mediterranean environments. Co-limitation of resources was proved in cereal and oilseed crops as well as in many other ecosystems. However, co-limitation involving more than two resources is not frequently explored. In this study, the objective was to develop and test a new method for estimating co-limitation of multiple resources in a case study with wheat and barley crops in Mediterranean environments. The three-way co-limitation between water, nitrogen and radiation explained the yield gaps and water use efficiency of the crops.


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