Growers identify that knowledge and confidence in management decisions are major constraints to profitable productivity improvement in the higher rainfall areas of Western Australia

G.P. McDonald

Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development, 444 Albany Highway, Albany, WA, 6330,,


During the 2010 season, grain growers from across the Western Australian southern higher rainfall areas were consulted in a series of interactive workshops designed to identify constraints to improving productivity and profitability. More than 94% of the growers believed there was significant room for improvement in their business. Similar constraints were grouped with the most important groups of these being soil management with 54% of all votes cast by workshop participants. Specific constraints of high importance were non-wetting soils and herbicide resistance. Other common constraints in order of decreasing priority included input efficiencies, soil acidity, soil constraints knowledge, soil water storage, and waterlogging. Growers identified more than 50 constraints during the workshops that can be grouped into four key themes; knowledge, confidence, time and money. Although the latter two, lack of time and insufficient money, can be neutralised by greater knowledge and improved confidence. For the adoption of any new technology or information to overcome a constraint all of these four themes must be adequately addressed.


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