Effect of Organic and Inorganic fertilizer on Premium Rice yield and quality

ABS Sarker1, SS Dipti2

1Principal Scientific Officer, Agronomy Division, Bangladesh Rice Research Institute (BRRI), Gazipur-1701, Bangladesh, sarkerabs@yahoo.com, 2Principal Scientific Officer, Grain Quality and Nutrition Division, BRRI, Gazipur-1701, Bangladesh,


To determine the nutritional needs of Premium Quality Rice (PQR) we compared the effects of inorganic and organic fertilisers on its yield and quality in the Rangpur region of Bangladesh. The organic fertilisers such as Vermi compost and mustard oilcake were compared with recommended fertilizer rate and soil test based fertilizer rate. The experiment was conducted in the July-November rainfed (Transplanted Aman/T Aman) season, and repeated in the November-April fully irrigated (Boro) season. In both seasons the highest yield was obtained in the treatment receiving NPK fertilisers according to soil test recommendations (in 3.7 T Aman and 5.4 t/ha in Boro season). Soil test based fertilizer rate treatment produced higher yield 19% in T Aman season and 86% in Boro season over 4 t/ha vermi compost application treatment. Yields from vermi compost treatments (T6-T9) averaged from 2.48 to 3.07 t/ha in T Aman season but it was 2.9 to 3.8 t/ha in Boro season, and there was no response to increasing rates from 1 to 4 t/ha. There was no detectable difference in yield attributable to mustard oilcake. Rice quality such as cooking and physicochemical properties were unaffected by treatment other than grain protein, which was higher in the NPK treatments. The only rice quality parameters that appear to have been affected. For optimizing grain yield, application rates of NPK chemical fertilisers should follow BRRI recommended fertilizer rates or equivalent rates based on a soil test.


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