Practising precision II: Making precision pay

Hazel McInerney1, Peter McInerney1and Jon Medway2

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PIP (Precision in Practice) is an innovative new approach to identify and treat management zones.  PIP is a two phase process -Phase 1 enables farmers to accurately and cost effectively identify zones within paddocks or management units that are statistically different.  This is addressed in Practising precision I.  This paper addresses PIP Phase 2 – the agronomic and farm system implications of this tool to determine the optimal allocation of resources in the production system, so that both the soil resource and farm profit improve.

Using the zone and landscape information developed by PIP Phase 1, in conjunction with the experience of the land manager and their agronomist, PIP Phase 2 supports the development of a soil sampling plan by zone. Understanding that soil chemistry may not be the only issue, laboratory results are examined in the context the soil and landscape findings and where appropriate ameliorants, seed and fertilizer requirements can be accurately entered into controller maps for variable rate application.

The case study below demonstrates the potential for savings to be made.


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