Establishing a value proposition for future traits in a climate-changing world

Greg Rebetzke1, Kathryn Bechaz2, Michelle Murfit3, Gina Bange4, Tina Rathjen1, Fernanda Dreccer5, Warren Muller6, Andrew Fletcher7, Bangyou Zheng5, Enli Wang1, Zhigan Zhao1, Neil Fettell8

1 CSIRO Agriculture and Food, Black Mountain Science and Innovation Park, Canberra ACT, 2601,

2 NSWDPI, Yanco Agricultural Institute, Yanco NSW 2703

3 DPIRD, Merredin WA 6415

4 Uni Sydney, PBI Narrabri NSW 2390

5 CSIRO Agriculture and Food, QBP, St Lucia QLD, 4067

6 CSIRO Land and Water, Canberra ACT 2601

7 CSIRO Agriculture and Food, Centre for Environment and Life Sciences, PMB 5, Wembley, WA 6913

8 Central West Farming Systems, 1 Fifield Rd Condobolin, NSW 2877


Increasing climate variability is as great a concern as increasing air temperatures forecast with climate change. The challenge for breeders is in identifying and selecting traits that are genetically correlated with environments into the future and/or difficult to manage away from their breeding nurseries. We report on studies targeting constitutively-expressed traits (e.g. increased rates of spike and grain-filling and increased coleoptile length) to establish their value proposition for increasing grain yield in future environments. The work supports the potential for higher rates of grain-filling and longer coleoptiles as traits where genetics are available now in pre-emptive selection in breeding programs. Further, there is not expected to be any cost associated with these traits in grain yield or quality, or in cooler, wetter seasons.


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