Canopeo, a new mobile device application with potential to measure seed colour change in canola

Rick Graham1*, Rohan Brill2, Rodney Bambach1, Jan Hosking1, Neroli Graham1

1NSW DPI, Tamworth Agricultural Institute, 4 Marsden Park Road, Tamworth 2340, Australia,

2NSW DPI, Wagga Wagga Agricultural Institute, Pine Gully Road, Wagga Wagga 2650, Australia

*Presenting author:


Seed colour change (SCC) is commonly used to determine windrow timing in canola, it is however often regarded as being subjective and time consuming. The aim of this research was to compare SCC measurements using a standardised visual assessment procedure with Canopeo, a new mobile device application commonly used to measure fractional green canopy cover. Windrow timing experiments were conducted at Tamworth in northern NSW, in 2017 and 2018, with SCC measurements undertaken at 2-3 day intervals from the commencement of SCC on the primary stem up until 100% SCC on branches. Pictures of seed at each windrow timing were analysed by Canopeo and then compared to a standardised visual assessment measurement. There was a linear relationship (R2 = 0.93 to 0.95) between SCC measured using the mobile device application Canopeo and the detailed visual assessment method. Canopeo was also between 10 and 20 times faster than the visual assessment procedure. These results indicate that Canopeo can be used to take pictures to measure SCC and may be a viable alternative for determining SCC and hence windrow timing in canola crops. Importantly, Canopeo offers the potential for a rapid standardised objective measurement for determining SCC, thereby alleviating issues around subjectivity commonly associated with visual assessment methods and as such, is considered a useful new technique for the determination of SCC in canola.


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