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08:00 Field Trip Briefing, Eureka Ballroom, Mercure Ballarat
08:30 Depart Mercure Ballarat for Mooloy’s Farm, Waubra

Arrive Molloy’s Farm for a site visit.

Alternate cropping, progressive innovation, property situated among wind turbines.

Depart Molloy’s Farm for AGF Seeds
Arrive AGF Seeds for a site visit & presentation
Depart AGF Seeds for Richardson’s Farm

Arrive Richardson’s Potato Farm, Newlyn North for a site visit and lunch

Presentations on growing seed potatoes and where to sell into the market & how they found their own market for growing of commercial crops

Depart Richardson’s Farm for Tullamarine Airport
14:45 Arrive Tullamarine Airport
16:15 Arrive Mercure Ballarat

Farm Biosecurity

Take a few moments to watch the following video on Farm Biosecurity.

Help to keep our crops and livestock free from disease, pests and weeds.

What to Bring

  • Warm / waterproof jacket
  • Hat
  • Long pants
  • Closed toe, sturdy footwear

Sunscreen, disposable boot covers, disposable gloves and farm biosecurity essentials will be provided on board the coaches.

Australian Grain & Forage Seeds

Australian Grain & Forage Seeds is a seed production and marketing business, providing high quality seed and independent knowledgeable advice to customers throughout Australia. AGF Seeds are 1.5 hrs west of Melbourne, located in central Victoria and are well situated to service a wide geographical area across varied agro-climatic zones. AGF Seeds offer quality seed for cropping and pasture farming systems. Our extensive trial program aims to identify the best performing varieties.  Farmer feedback also provides us with performance of varieties and gives us the opportunity to share experience and advice on varieties that will best suit your farming system. AGF Seeds provide certified seed, which has been checked by independent certification agencies and can be treated and cleaned by our close partners, Highleaze Seeds. These services produce superior quality seed and optimum variety selection for varied farming zones which ensures maximum farm profitability.

AGF Seeds will be showcasing:

  • The fit of winter varieties in HRZ farming systems: focusing on highlighting winter canola varieties with Penny Rifkin and Maggie Raeside(Agriculture Victoria),
  • Grain and graze potential of long season cropping and forage varieties,
  • Cover cropping options in HRZ’s,
  • Ryegrass variety trials.

Staff at AGF Seeds can be contacted on or  (03) 5345 6262

Further information about AGF Seeds can be found on their website :

AGF Seeds Logo

Agriculture Victoria

The Agriculture portfolio is supported by the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources (DEDJTR). The purpose of DEDJTR is to create the conditions to sustainably develop the Victorian economy and grow employment. A strong,
competitive and sustainable economy is vital for Victoria’s future. The Victorian Government has identified the food and fibre sector as one of a number of growth sectors vital to the future economic prosperity of Victoria.

Agriculture Victoria has been created to give greater visibility to the agriculture activities of the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources (DEDJTR), giving a clear identity to agricultural services and initiatives with the department. The
Agriculture Victoria brand and logo emphasise the clean, green nature of Victoria’s farming produce and will be used to promote the state’s agriculture industry and its world-class farmers.

Agriculture Victoria – Dual Purpose Crops

Dual Purpose Crops in the Feedbase is a three year project funded by MLA, CSIRO and the Victorian State Government which aims to develop guidelines for the integration of dual purpose crops, such as wheat and canola into livestock grazing systems. The project has sites at Canberra, Wagga Wagga and Hamilton. Research at the Hamilton site has been focusing on the use of spring sown canola to provide forage for joining ewe lambs during summer and autumn. Results have indicated that the canola can provide 3-4 t DM/ha during the key autumn feed gap and provided that grazing ceases before bud elongation commences, usually around the end of June, the grazing results in no canola yield penalty. A producer guideline has been developed to assist farmers who are interested in using spring sown dual purpose canola.

This guideline plus more information can be obtained by contacting Maggie Raeside, Agriculture Victoria on 03 5573 0709 or email

Agriculture Victoria – Traits in canola that suit the high rainfall

As part of a national program, researchers are identifying genetic traits and management practices that can improve canola yields in the high rainfall cropping regions of southern Australia.  The High Rainfall Zone (HRZ) is relatively new to cropping with a significant proportion of the area transitioning from livestock production.  Yields are predicted to increase under climate change due to warmer temperatures and drier winters.  The lack of historical research in the region means that varieties available to growers are not well adapted and therefore don’t reach the estimated yield potential based on available resources (rainfall, radiation, temperature etc).

The work to date has involved the identification of traits, in particular late maturity relative to other rainfall zones in Australia and improved partitioning of biomass into grain yield.  Management practices including sowing time and fertiliser requirements are also being optimised to realise the potential of new germplasm.  The work is funded by GRDC and collaborating organisations including Agriculture Victoria Research, University of Tasmania, SARDI, CSIRO, SFS and MFMG.

Agronomy - Agriculture Victoria


The Australian Society of Agronomy is the professional body for agronomists in Australia. It has approximately 500 active members drawn from government, universities, research organisations and the private sector.

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David Marland Photography Southern Farming Systems Agriculture Victoria

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